“Beton Machine Safahan” (BMS) factory started its activities in the field of construction machinery such as, block making or mosaic making machines. In 2015, the company has been registered with the name of “Afraz Beton Sarmad” and the brand of “Beton Machine Safahan”. So far, based on its experience and expertise in this field, it has been able to manufacture and design industrial machinery according to customers’ order for use in various industries. This company was determined to improve the product quality and Customers’ satisfaction in order to achieve global market and exports in 2001. By establishing its research & maintaining appropriate facilities, this company is aiming to providing your requirements through offering new products.

History of the activities of the company

1368 Starting a job

1377 Establishment of Beton Machine Safahan

1380 Entering global markets and exporting products

1387 Establishment of Factory No. 2

1394 Registration of Afraz Beton Sarmad Company