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Fully automatic 6-station hydraulic mosaic press PM650

4.28571 5 0 7 Product
Specifications CodePM650 Weight28 kg
2.6 m
PLC switchboard system
Water radiator
3, 3-5

PM650 automatic production line is capable of producing single and double layer mosaics. The production operating system of this device is vibration and press. The measuring system of this device is automatic. For single-layer mosaics, the accessory device for fine sand is not used, only accessory devices for fine paint and paint spreader can be connected to the device, and the purchase of these accessories can be ordered depending on the customer's taste and order.
This device is designed in such a way that it has the ability to support different sizes of molds. The control panel of this device is set and installed on the device in two ways: full automatic (PLC) and manual system (MANUAL) for emergency use. Based on the customer's order, this machine can be produced with 4, 7 and 8 stations.


What is a hydraulic mosaic press?
This machine is one of the most popular machines among press machines. This device is one of the most powerful devices that is very popular in the market. The use of hydraulic devices has a long history and its initial design was inspired by Pascal's law. If you remember, we studied this law in our lessons. The law was that you could create more force on the opposite side with less pressure on one side. This rule is used when you want to lift very heavy objects. The hydraulic press machine is designed based on this law, and with the help of this machine, heavy objects can be lifted or the possibility of compressing very strong objects with low force is provided. In this device, the hydraulic fluid plays an essential role and is actually responsible for power transmission.


Specifications of consumable parts of the mosaic production line 6 stations PM650
The steel material of the sheets used in the ST37 machine and the parts exposed to corrosion are made of hardened CK45 sheet.
Shaft jacks made of hard chrome steel for Italy
The system is designed and built in such a way that it is suitable for working in the environment and working conditions in different geographical locations and is fully compatible with different working conditions.
Piston tubes of Turkish or Italian type jacks
DUPLOMATIC type control valves from Italy
Hydraulic hoses are generally of German or Italian type
All Iranian-type consumable pumps (due to the ease of after-sales service and provision of spare parts)
All electric motors used in the device are from China (can be changed based on customer order)
Italy OLI vibes
All sensors
Electric panel and panel supplies from LS Korea
The control and industrial automation system of the device by PLC from the Korean brand FATEK or DELTA (if ordered by the German SIEMENS customer)


Peripheral equipment in the 6 station PM650 mosaic production line machine
Fine color device
paint spreader
Vertical/horizontal harvester
Reversal mosaic machine
In case of single-layer mosaic production, vacuum equipment

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